By loisbiz

Mr & Mrs Wood Duck

I think the male and female Wood Ducks are both really pretty. 

Today was a really sunny but cold day.....I think it might freeze tonight....it didn't freeze last night....but I think the chances are greater for a freeze tonight.  Glad to hear about the big snow dropped on the Colorado wildfires......that should smother those flames.

The birds are adjusting to the lost trees and the covered area of tender plants. We had a lot of bush tits, chick a dee, nuthatch and a hummingbird in the area protected near the house; I opened the ends of the enclosure during the day. I left the sunflower feeder and suet feeders in the enclosure with the Pineapple Sage and Hot Lips plants......it is easily viewed from a large window in the family room.....we are enjoying the close proximity to the birds. The hawk would have a difficult time getting in there.

Some of our family wants to have plans for Thanksgiving; we really want to wait and see how we all feel at that time. I wonder what all of you in the USA have planned to do.

Stay safe and see the beauty anywhere you can find it.

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