Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal


Didn’t sleep well last night, couldn’t stop thinking about the damp behind the wardrobe and where its coming from. Checked the ceiling this morning and it doesn’t seem to be from the plumbing we had done the other year in the lounge, which is a relief. Going to have to take the wardrobe out at the weekend as see how much damage there is. Hopefully it will just dry out if we move the wardrobe away from the wall a bit. Decided not to do Ben Lomond as the weather didn’t seem great and I was knackered. Instead we headed to Pitlochry to take some photos of the leaves turning on trees. Had a nice walk around the river Tummel and the dam and Kilda had a great time searching for sticks while I was taking photos. Back home for a quiet afternoon and time to catch up on blips.

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