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By BarryBadcock

Sunday’s Child

Sunday Child


So my baby girl is 14610 days old today. In her measurement system she is 21 + 19 years old today. So what day was she born on? The poem goes ....

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

I am a Saturday child so no surprise there. She cannot be anything else than a Sunday Child. Born just after 1 pm. Sues first thought as it was the night the clocks go back was “what day is she born on?” I said “26th, Sunday as they do for change till 2am”

So proud of her.

Interesting fact all my the girls are Sunday’s Children. Mat is a Thursday Child.

Today’s photo shows her family all pointing at her, she is in the middle. Aiden on the left with Beanie on her days shoulders on the right.

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