By ferryoons

Living in an Art Deco world

This morning I opened the curtains and thought “ooh, Art Deco landscape”. I’m prone to do this, it’s family shorthand, so let me explain.

First, I just like Art Deco. It’s not one style, more a period in which multiple styles coexisted. Admittedly my knowledge is based on all of one book, see second Extra. I recommend it for some spectacular graphics though the prose is turgid.
Second, one of our sanity sustainers during Covid is reading detective novels from the inter-war years. “The golden age of crime writing.” The British Library has been republishing a lot of these, long out of print. And they all have cover illustrations taken from railway travel posters from the Art Deco period. See first Extra for some examples I just went and grabbed.
And when the sunlight falls on the landscape in a certain, intense way, it can be reminiscent of those posters if you’re that way inclined.
By the way, you can buy a lot of the British Library titles from Abe Books, if you know what you’re looking for.

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