simple moments

By simplemoments

bargain bin... rose

from the market

ya know how sometimes - you can go - to the market hoping - that you’ll find a real - bargain in the flower - bargain bin but when - you slide your little cart - around all it is - is a let down - either people have - already been there going through - everything with a fine toothed comb - or else there just wasn’t - anything worth anything - there to begin with

then some days - well some days - you hit flower jackpot gold - because you wonder why - the bouquet you reach - around to pull out - is in there at all - since it’s almost perfection in your hand - staring at the prince - (yup it’s bargain bin marked) - you slowly pick through - the bouquet again - a shake of your head - just to clear the cobwebs - you find you’re tapping - your foot as though it - has a mind of its own - and is listening to a heavenly tune - yes this bouquet will do - nicely and as you see - has a lovely red rose - to start off, making it...


happy day.....

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