By Angelique


It was Ivor's birthday today.  He died 2 years ago and his grave is visited every day by at least one of his family.  He was only 47 and although we never knew him we have come to know some of his family that visit his grave.

He must have been quite a colorful character judging by some of the photos on his grave and the love he is still being shown.

The flowers that have been placed today on his grave site have been outpouring of their love and loss for him.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind me sharing his tombstone and memorial with you all.

We have been fighting to get Matthew out before Halloween as he hates it so much and I am bringing him home on Thursday to stay with us for as long as it takes for them to get his new home ready.

Stay safe fellow blippers and avoid frivolous people who are not observing the rules. xxxxx 

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