Raindrops at Last

We had nine mils misty rain over night.. not a lot but better than none. It has be cold and gloomy all day but no more rain.

All About the Calendula flower
The Calendula, also known as Mary-Bud, Mary-Gold, Pot Marigold and Poor Man’s Saffron, is one of the oldest of all cultivated flowers. The plant was described in the Third Century, BC and was an important part of the gardens of 5th Century France. It has been under cultivation for six centuries. The Latin name, Calendae, means the first day of the month.

Calendulas came to the New World with the first European settlers. It was used as a coloring agent in foods and also in soups and stews. Joseph Breck in his 1851 book, The Book of Flowers, “A hardy annual, common to the gardens time out of mind, and formerly much used in soups and broths…” The petals of the flowers were used in puddings, dumplings and even wine.

By the 1800’s doctors had realized that the plant, used as a poultice, could stop bleeding. By the time of the Civil War most doctors carried dried calendula petals in their medical bags to stop bleeding and to promote the healing of wounds.
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