By strawhouse

Going Ape

Miss L and I met up again with Mrs C and Miss B this morning. This time at Go Ape in Wendover Woods.
What an amazing time we had!!!
Bloody hard though, I feel like I’ve done a day at SAS training camp!
Day after tomorrow, I won’t be able to move!
We had the briefing from the instructor (which I was useless at, thank God for Mrs C!!) and a little practice run. Six feet off the ground and felt pretty scary! Obviously I hadn’t read the preparation email they sent so had to buy gloves - it was cold and wet and it would have been really hard without them! Mrs C - who clearly knows me well - had brought some for Miss L. Just in case!!!!
Then we were off!
It was amazing! Much harder physically then I was expecting. I honestly thought I was going to have to blow my whistle and get rescued at one point when my arms had turned to jelly and I couldn’t haul myself up to one of the platforms! And don’t even get me started on the bloody ladders to get up to the platforms in the first place.......
But I did it. Yay!!!!
And the children were amazing! So fearless!
Miss L did get a bit worn out towards the end and had her grumpy face on but when I suggested we miss out the last section she was having none of it and perked right up!
There was such a lot of laughter all day. Some of the landings on the zip wires were less than graceful!!!
Luckily the unexpected rain shower that came while we were trussing ourselves up in the harnesses and learning how to work all the ropes and clips disappeared and the sun came back out. The woods looked so gorgeous and it was quite something to be up in the trees and often above them looking down. Fabulous!
We had more than earned our lunch at the end. Baked potato with chilli for me and Miss L and a much needed cup of tea!
Miss L and I took a detour on the way home so she could see the school she’s taking the 11+ at next week.
Another lovely consequence of COVID is that she’s not doing it as expected at the school she’ll hopefully be going to - five minutes from our house. No, she has to go to Aylesbury. Thirty five minutes away. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

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