Dexter, Purring, on His Father's Lap

Our household is a small, tight-knit one: just my husband, my tabbycat, and me. And as I have mentioned, with Dexter being so sick, we have been staying around the house more, just trying to be there with the cat, and love on him every moment that we can.

Dexter is surrounded by so much love: by our loving words, by our loving touch, by our loving care. We have also been the recipients of love sent from far and wide over the Internet from all who love Dexter. It is a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. And we are so grateful.

We took Dexter to the vet last week and started him on antibiotics that we hope will address the infection he apparently has. He also has a distended abdomen that could be related to an infection, organ failure, abscess, tumor, etc. We have scheduled a vet appointment for him for Friday morning, where we hope to learn more about what we are dealing with, and decide what can be done next to restore Dexter to full health, if at all possible.

In the meantime, it is very hard not to worry. But I keep trying to remind myself that worrying is a waste of time, and as such, disrespectful to all of us. It is all about trying to live in a tomorrow that has not happened yet. It is better to live in the present moment, fully here and now, in a house with these two whom I love beyond measure.

At the end of my work day (for I continue to work from home, all these long months later, and will until I'm done working, apparently), my husband and I typically sit in our chairs in the living room and have a chat and unwind. We listen to music. We sit and look out the window and watch the birds. And sometimes Dexter joins us, as he did this time, jumping up to sit in his father's lap.

As soon as he did that, I quietly got up and got my camera for a photo, for this was too precious a moment to miss. And as I watched my husband's face, which I have NOT shown you, there was such a look on it, of both love and concern.

And I remembered, again, how brave is the very act of love. We, impermanent and imperfect creatures that we are, we learn, we live, we love, we rise. The greatest thing in the world is to love and be loved in return. And so I celebrate this quiet moment - a father and son moment - with Dexter happily purring away on his father's lap, as we attempt to live in the eternal moment of now.

I find myself verklempt so often these days. And of course, there are so many songs running through my head, so many beautiful, precious, meaningful songs. But here are three for my two beloved boys. (The actual soundtrack for the moment, of course, was loud purring!)

Cat Stevens, with Father and Son.
John Mellencamp, with Your Life Is Now.
Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, Elephant Love Medley, from Moulin Rouge.

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