By Winsford


Latha math (good day)

Slept well and enjoyed a even more leisurely than useful breakfast. 

I had my Poetry Zoom Group this morning which was thought provoking as ever, discussing the relationship between the poet and the poem as well as the poems themselves. One was a new to poem and poet for me: I Find Myself Defending Pigeons by Keith S. Wilson which I really liked. 

After lunch I forced myself to go out for walk and enjoyed it, despite the rain - then again  there is much to be enjoyed when walking along the leafy paths which criss-cross Pitlochry.

A short yoga practice and then my weekly Gaelic lessons.  We were focusing on pronunciation and it is gradually beginning to make sense - there is a logic behind what looks like a random assortment of letters. 

Tea beckons and then possibly a film. 

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