David J. Rose

By djrose007

You get nothing for free!

Yes, our grandchildren get treats but usually for doing something or working for it. 
Today it was, if you want a chocolate you have to work hard with the grabber machine to get it. It's not easy, that grabber does not have a powerful grip like a big digger/excavator so you have to be extremely skillful or extremely lucky! 
You won't be surprised to learn that everyone finished up with a chocolate by one means or another.
An exception to this rule is Lennon. He is such a good young man (13 years old now) that the only treat he asks for is to sit on my bike. I got his helmet down for him today as well and he spent sometime racing along country roads, in his mind, but enjoying it all the same.
I think I really need to let the family know that when I eventually go whatever bike is in the garage is Lennons', he's the only one that seems to share that passion with me. See extra.

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