A glimmeR of light streams through the small openings at the top of my Ikea lampshade. Making a rather suitable image for ApolloFly’s Tiny Tuesday challenge ‘Something ending with R’.

Otherwise today was another rainy, windy, unpleasant day. It did brighten up somewhat in the afternoon, but by then I was waiting for an Asda delivery, and attending a dull zoom meeting (photography - very basic).

For the umpteenth time, the mighty Asda
delivered my large shop without carrier bags, despite having paid for them. The extremely sympathetic van driver had to remove everything from the trolley and dump it on the floor outside my door. Not a pretty sight or hygienic. He apologised, but of course it wasn’t his fault, not much fun for him having to unload it all either. He explained another customer had complained earlier.

Everytime I get a delivery , I end up emailing Asda to get the 40p back. Hardly worth the effort, but it’s a matter of principle. Tomorrow I shall make a formal complaint and ask for a response from someone in authority! Anyway I normally shop from Waitrose or Ocado so not going to get too het up.

Looks like heavy rain and strong winds for the next few days. Tomorrow’s forecast to be the best of a bad bunch.

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