By ninniex


You may think that this image of a ship coming into Fremantle harbour has nothing to do with animals as is BobsBlips challenge for today. Well, the big ship is a live animal export ship and I suspect that within the next couple of days it will be filled with cattle or sheep. I think cattle.....

The smaller boat in the foreground is the Rottnest ferry which is filled with the two legged variety of animal. 

However, I am adding a rather cute animal image in extras just because. I took this pic on the evening before we left the "other house" to return to Perth. Mum and her Joey were chewing our grass and then fronted the bird bath for a drink. They are annoying but so cute ;-)

Once again I must thank you all for the hearts and stars for mumma  humpback. She has again risen to the top of the pops! I am planning on printing it and the fluke I posted a while back. They will look good on a wall I think :-)

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