Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


I wonder why one window looks so well cared for, and the other is tatty and neglected? We walked out into the forest to make the most of the mild, sunny morning and wandered off along a track we don't use so often. It was interesting to see new sights. There is still a lot of wet everywhere but the field is re-emerging from the lake and it was drying out a bit. More rain fell this afternoon so we shall see how much that changes things!

We sat down to eat "breakfast" at one o'clock, having been up and about since 8.30 (late for me). I did some telephoning on behalf of my friend and then wrote a letter with her. That little lot took care of a chunk of the day and at 4 we were booked into a webinar about working for climate change at municipal level. It was a Left Party event and was very well organised and was interesting. Not sure how much it was relevant to the work I'm doing with the science centre, but it might spur some of us on.

Film night was at Ruth's house, and she had made a delicious shepherd's pie for us. After the food and conversation ( a lot about the mad workload she has as a sociology student, and the beauty of Iceland as seen in the crazy film "Eurovision") we settled down to watch "The professor and the madman". It revolves around the creation of the Oxford dictionary, and how an inmate of Broadmoor provided over 10,000 entries. An extraordinary tale and very well told, the majority of the film appears to be based in fact. (after each film we see, we all go home and do what passes for research, with Mrs Google's assistance)

Apparently we're off to the real movies next week to see Milk Teeth. Nice to have a date, and good to drag Ruth away from her very heavy literature on intersectionality and race, ethnicity, gender and class. One each of those topics per day this week, written exams on all of it next week. A punishing schedule and all a bit much. Over Christmas her reading is works by Marx and on suicide. Very cheery!

Keith planted some more bulbs whilst I was writing letters etc, so the list of things that have to be done in the garden is getting shorter. We were just given three sorts of garlic to plant, now added to the list! Not a book bound today! This evening we saw the moon in a clear sky, 8 degrees at gone ten at night. We have had such a lot of cloudy skies and have not seen the moon for a good while. The stars were out and twinkling nicely. It's not specially cold, but it is feeling more wintery of an evening, and it is very very dark.

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