Panda's Pics

By pandammonium

Don’t do it

Mr Perkins’ throne is a handy place to put things. However, there are possible consequences. One is that he’ll use the thing as a pillow, as illustrated here with the telly button. Two is that he’ll investigate it to see if it can be eaten, with the side effect of him eating it if deemed suitable, for example the tub of butter. Three is that he’ll stretch and knock the thing off. If the thing is the telly button, it’s fine. If the thing is a plate holding the toast you’re buttering, it’s less fine.

Just watched yesterday’s Bake Off [spoilers] – Japan week. Thanks to gillsabroad, I was already familiar with kawaii. I looked it up in the dictionary as well, so I know it doesn’t rhyme with Hawai’i.

Thank you, blippers, for even more kind thoughts and wishes. I have had a few teary moments. The comfort cake was a success , but didn’t last long. The funeral is next week. Thanks to Covid and its relevant restrictions, I can’t go.

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