Evan's Baba Day at the Japanese Garden

“How did they do that, Baba? So perfect, and no footprints anywhere. Do you think they used a hover board? No? Then I say it’s a mystery. Did you ever see them doing it? No? Then how do you know they don't use a hover board? I'd like to see them do the raking some day. Look how that rock looks like a hippo, and that one over there looks like a dog swimming. The gravel looks like the ocean, but somebody can walk on it and not leave any footprints.”

The Japanese Garden is allowing a restricted number of people each day. You have to buy tickets in advance, wear masks, and stay at least six feet away from each other. Evan and I had a great time on a slightly-overcast afternoon. The colors haven’t yet reached their peak (see Extra), but Autumn is definitely on the way. 

Silent Voices got a lovely review in one of the Portland weeklies today. 

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