By Yorkshirebred


Yesterday I left my iPad to update. Never had a problem before, but this time there were .lots of changes - my photos disappeared and a lot of my apps had gone - aargh! Found most of the photos, but the apps were still proving problematical - very frustrating! Nearly missed the choir Zoom session this morning as couldn’t get onto the app and then forgot my login details. Took myself off for a long walk to calm down, seeing fellow Blipper Jeanneb53 en route. Lots of people walking around the pond - the wrong way - noticed at the end of the circuit that the no entry signs had been removed and a painted sign on a tree was not very obvious! The swans were hungry though, and came en masse from the other side of the pond as soon as I got the food out. As usual the weather changed and I got a soaking, but by the time I reached the top of the estate there was sunshine. Wandered out onto Altar Lane and walked down to the next entry point into the estate - this little Robin hopped along the wall beside me until I reached the golf course. Just managed one photo of him as he was flitting about. As I reached the clubhouse the heavens opened again, and the rain continued until I reached home. Felt much better for the walk though, and think I have now found most of my apps - just need to move them back onto the home screen now! Some more scenes in extras.

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