By Lizimagiz


Here is Marigold sitting in her special spot
next to me on the sofa... She sits and purrs while I watch the TV news and weather. Maisie, the labradoodle, is allowed to sit on my knee when the TV weather is being shown. Marigold tries to squeeze onto my knees at the same time but Maisie nudges her off. A little jealousy methinks.
We are getting so much pleasure from our two Tortie and White girls. They’ve made aspects of life very interesting. I’ve been using a natural liquid fertilizer made of fish and seaweed. Both cats were attracted to the fishy smell and drank from the overflow of diluted fertilizer in the saucers under pot plants. Not a good idea. So they have had tummy upsets but are now recovering. I will be sticking with seaweed extract only fertilizer in future.

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