Every Little Step

By moonfairy


Just lazing about.

After taking Isabella to Kindy, I went to the shops.  Just to get a couple of Christmas presents.

Then I came home to put together a toy supermarket, which I bought yesterday.

The girls had one that a friend had passed on.  But it had seen better days.  The one I bought was on special, and the girls always have a good time playing with it.

It was all going okay, until I came to put the stickers on.  I noticed I'd put the fruit and vegetable tray in the wrong way around.

It didn't really matter, it just meant the stickers couldn't go in the right way.

I started to take it apart.  But I couldn't get it apart.  Even with the help of my husband.  We just couldn't get it to unclip.

I don't suppose the girls will notice.  I just stuck the stickers in a different place.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

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