Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2132. Weekly Animal Crossing Club Meet!

It seems lile forever ago that we started meeting up on a weekly basis for a coffee and a catchup focused around our mutual enjoyment of the new Switch Animal Crossing games.  My youngest joined us once we were able to include him in our family "bubble" as he's classed as being part of our household but despite this my friend and I still adhere to the appropriate social distancing rules.  Here they are deep in the game as we visit each others social distancing required there!
I do have to say that I bought this game with my new Switch on the 20th March this year just a few days before we went into lockdown and it has been a great distraction for me.  It has become an important part of our socialising now as we can visit each other virtually!
I was extrememly anxious this morning awaiting the outcome of the discussions about which of the new tiers in Scotland we would be in.  Our overall rate of infections per 100k was around 70+ so should have put us firmly into tier 2 but NHS Tayside decided to pressurise the Scottish Government into matching the proposed tier 3 that Dundee was expecting to get as it has 200+ infections per 100k and rising.  The rationale for this seemed to be focused around the fact that Dundee provide healthcare via Ninewells Hospital for Perth and Kinross and that all covid cases are being cared for there.  This failed to recognise that we do have a local hospital that provides A&E etc...and that only having a third of the rate of infections that Dundee is experiencing it did seem very unfair to the people living here and the argument about proximity is blown out of the water by Perth and Kinross bordering Highland which is tier 1 and we also border Stirling which is tier 3...if our neighbours had such an influence then everywhere borders somewhere and we would all be in tiers 3/4!  Thankfully common sense seems to have prevailed and we have been left in tier 2 whilst Dundee is moving to tier 3 on Monday (as is Stirling where my step daughter lives so our trips to see her cannot start again and she cannot come to see us either.)
I am glad that our weekly ACNH meets can continue whilst observing the social distancing rules as where we meet enables this quite well and it's also quiet at the time we go in so we never have any problem making this happen.  I feel like I can relax again now for a little while and hope that things only get better....

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