Life on the go

By BarryBadcock

Well That's another Job Done

Well That's another Job Done - Got up this morning and had a good start on the rabbit run. I was hoping / planning to complete the task today and deliver it to Fran's house. Work progressed well. I typically listen to music on Spotify via one of my best girls 'Alexa'. On Jim Bennetts recommendation from yesterdays post (Facebook) I listened to an Album by Brian Ferry called Dylanesque where he sings Bob Dylans Music and if I said its a brilliant album it would be an understatement. Thanks Jim. All woodworking done and the felt roof completed just after lunch. That allowed me to deliver to Ely this afternoon. The picture shows the complete rabbit run in situ.  Fran et. al. are due to be home after 16:00 so it should be a nice surprise.

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