Bean and gone

I was told yesterday that the revised start date for the major building work on my house, hence the date I put my things in storage and move out, is now four months later than I was expecting. All my priorities suddenly shifted, as in those phone-games where if you get things lined up they suddenly vanish in a puff and everything rattles into a new position.

Moving the microwave, sitting on a shelf so high that I need a stepladder to get things in and out, which I thought I could just about tolerate short-term, thus rocketed to top of my jobs-list today. It took me about an hour. Why didn't I do it three months ago?

Contrariwise, the things I was rushing to sort out in the garden can wait, and the spring/autumn clothes, which were about to go into a rucksack under the bed ready to take to wherever I go when the builders arrive, can go back onto the hangers ready for March.

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