Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


All the trees here are finally changing colors… we had a most lovely walk in the arboretum this morning under cloudy skies… the sun came out brilliantly later.   The extra is the bench where we sometimes sit with Fiona… will happen again I hope.      The blip is a technique of Pep Ventosa that I saw on blip that I was intrigued with and wanted to try (here)  ..basically like multiple images in the camera… but I can see how a soft impressionistic photo can happen.  This is 9-10 images… the best of the few I tried.   Will be fun to experiment with something other than a tree.  When there is time, alone. 

the 2nd extra is what we spent some time on this afternoon..installing the new bedroom blinds I ordered online.   Part of the “Shelter at Home Improvement Series ”  :-)    We’ve only had that painted shade and lacey tablecloth curtains forever (looks better at night) …this is a nice new practical look.   The sun is pouring in from the south…I spied a helicopter out this window with a Trump 2020 Vote Red sign I wanted to shoot.   Have to look for blue blips…maybe catch the jay that hangs around here.

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