Marking Time

By Libra

A good news story

Tonight I rang my brother in Wales for the latest rural news from Llanbedr, in the heart of the Black Mountains. Usually its little more than someone who has died, how much they left in a will, or what piece of land or derelict cottage has been sold for some astronomical sum to an “incomer”.
 Today it’s different.
Mrs Jones, a hill farmer above Llanbedr, has just paid £20,000 for a brown Welsh sheepdog. This is a  world record for a working sheepdog.

Of course it made the news. The whole village is talking about it.
Explaining her decision to friends and neighbours she said other people pay that sum of money for a bike, so she decided to treat herself to a special dog. Also, it’s like one she once owned so she said:” I had to have it.”
She bought it online in a virtual auction.
It’s a very Welsh tale.
Photo: quote of the week in our local chiropractor’s window.  

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