London, South Bank.

Not that I've been there for a year, but I collected these shards there when I visited my lovely sister-in-law and her family. they live in the Coin street Coop and are just a street from the river. At low tide there is an actual sandy beach and it is often full of interesting things to gather. These bits of pottery are sitting in a pewter dish, it's a copy of an Iron age ceramic dish found in this area. I have vases that are of the same origin, in pewter and one glorious one in copper. The blues are delicate and different and I could look at them for hours....

Today was a recovery day after a very lovely evening that ended very late indeed. And then we have almost an hour of driving to get to our beds. What a joy it is to have contact with these lovely people, to share a meal we all contribute to and to delight in each other's company for a while. It happens so rarely these days, and perhaps will be even less likely as the virus is gathering speed again.

The pudding was great, there was a tiny bit left over and we polished it off this evening. The recipe is here! I would add more butter and a bit less flour to avoid the lumps I created - it tastes magic. Today has been a quiet day of little jobs - wire brushing the dangerous moss off the two sets of stone steps in the garden. They had become very slippery with the weeks of damp weather, the moss was doing very well. Now gone. Keith brushed some more of the walls free from mould and moss, and cleaned the windows in the new way I developed. That extended brush is really handy!

Karin and Lonny arrived about 2 o'clock and we spent the rest of the day together, talking, relaxing, eating and talking some more. We lit the fire and some sat there talking, whilst others were in the kitchen doing the same thing. Very nice. I made a greek lentil soup and hoiked some bread out of the freezer. Now I'm ready for a bit of a relax before a relatively early night, but first, blip!

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