By Majoayee

The lodge

The lodge is a mill pond which nowadays is full of enormous fish. The mills have been changed into flats.  You can see one at the far side of the lodge.  We pass this most days when we go on our walk.  It was much more interesting when the geese were there with their goslings.  Now there aren’t even any ducks, just the fish!

Here you have circles in landscape for Mono Monday with a big thank you to KangaZu for hosting this week!  Next week I’ll have a go at hosting for the first time.  

9th Nov -Shape & Form in the LandscapeLeading Lines  MM355

Inspirational photographer: Charlie Waite

Looking forward to seeing all those leading lines! 

Today: Mass- All Souls’ Day- I’ve made an apple flan to give part of it to the girls for their school packed lunches, our walk and admired the pelting rain and sun on some amazing golden trees!  Now to try and get the sticky stuff from sellotape of the Halloween decorations off the new window panes!  Any tips? 

Have a good week folks, even if we are in lockdown.  Stay safe! Xxx

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