By biddy

6.30am. Coffee on a wet morning.

I have just made two coffees!
Stephen is finally home.
It was a long wait yesterday until finally I had the call to go to the hospital for 5.30pm.
Lots of sleep and rest are needed now.
It’s just about coming daylight on another wet morning. The refuse collectors, who do us a great service, are just outside emptying the tardis- like bins.
I took the photo through our front door glass inlays.
Big day for America today. All eyes across the Pond.
It won’t be settled overnight, and I am metaphorically holding my breath and hoping and hoping it will not be one Donald Trump when all the shouting, cries of fraud, appeals and infighting are eventually over.
The Washington Post has a saying written just underneath the title which says
“Democracy dies in darkness”
May there be light in the United States of America once again.

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