Worms and weeds

Three reasons for being out in the sun as much as I could today:

1. Vitamin D. I've never been interested in vitamin supplements (apart from when I was pregnant) but there's such a furore over Vitamin D just possibly being a factor in combating coronavirus that there's even less of it in the shops than bleach. Apparently. 
(Well, actually I just like being in the sun.)

2. So as not to follow the election results from the USA. There's nothing I can do about it. Just wake me up when it's over, even if that's in 2024.

3. There's a paid-for green waste collection in Oxford every two weeks. I inherited a green waste bin from my predecessors and there was so much alkanet, bindweed, ivy, holly, bramble and periwinkle in the garden that I've overfilled it every fortnight since I moved in last May. I'm beginning to run out of weeds but I have a hunch that my predecessors' payment will expire this week so I was determined to get all the rest into the bin and have one final clearance. So I dug out loads more and out it has all gone this evening, along, I hope, with the Trump.

Meanwhile, I am very struck by the similarity between resurgent alkanet and the gorgeous fat worms that live in my soil.

Extra: when my mum was here in June she identified one of the plants among the weeds as choisya. It needed moving to a safer place so I read up on when and how to dig it out, protecting the root ball and how to prepare its new home. When I finally felt confident, 12 days ago, I dug it up. There was no root ball - the plant turned out to be an offshoot from next door's tree - so I just plonked it upright in the ground and doubted it would survive. And look - it's flowered!

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