Life through the lens...

By ValC

Squirrel antics.

Now the trees are bare I can watch the antics of two squirrels in next door’s garden.
They keep digging up beech nuts under one tree and then taking them to eat under the weeping ash.
As well as chasing each other about. They are like lightening.

The farm shop was busy today, due to people collecting pies from the butcher for Bonfire Night. I have a feeling that despite Lockdown there are still some parties being held.
Certainly plenty of fireworks going off round here at the moment.

I was quite horrified at the following news item today.
Apparently Denmark are to cull 17 million mink after a mutated version of Coronavirus, that can spread to humans, was detected on mink farms.
I had no idea so many animals were still being farmed, especially in Europe.

Banned in the UK in 2000, the EU accounts for 63% of global mink production.
Britain became the first country in Europe to ban fur farming, and the UK is considering an outright ban on fur sales after Brexit.
I’m surprised the Animal Rights Group don’t publicise all of this.
Certainly a eye opener for me.

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