By pandammonium


It smells fusty-musty upstairs, so I decided we’d get a dehumidifier. I looked at a lot of dehumidifiers. I decided on the perfect one – it had a setting for laundry-drying, which will be good on rainy days, and placed my order.

It arrived a few days later, and we set it up. I read the instructions for use. It said to leave it be for 12 hours for the coolant to settle. It also said that putting the unit anywhere near drying laundry was a big, bad no-no.

I checked what I’d ordered: the wrong one. We had to unset it down(?) and repack it. I had to arrange its return (easier than with UPS), then wait till they received it and they refunded me, then order the correct one.

It came the other day. We had to leave it 24 hours before we could switch it on. The instructions said lots of things about laundry settings.

When we did switch it on, it said we had lots of humidity. It got down to 68 humidity units (HU) after being on for a long time. By now, its bucket, 5.5 litres, is getting full, and the humidity is down to 48 HU. It seems to be working.

I’m going to use the water for the houseplants and see if Mr Perkins will drink it – there’s no chlorine in it, after all. I don’t fancy drinking it myself, although I suppose if we filtered and/or boiled it, there’d be no reason not to.

In other news, I got a reassuring message from Apple saying they’d got my laptop and were going to start repairing it. Phew!

Lockdown 2.0 started at 00:01 for four weeks, initially.

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