By ferryoons

Particularly lenticular

As we set off to collect the car from its annual MoT check, the sun was setting. It's been a clear, brightly chilly day. Cloud was coming in from the west, much of it lenticular and very high up.

As we headed west it thickened, so were back in Wrath of God territory (see 23rd October blip), so in the farm shop there was a discussion about William Blake and then the Pre-Raphaelites, not what I expected from Daisy behind the counter who turns out to be an art expert.

By the time we headed back (the car's OK if you were wondering) it was dark. Bats flew over the bonnet.

Now I'm standing outside the back door with Norwestie. It's dark. No wind. Silent except for geese in a field far off to my right, and the noise of a cargo ship I can see, 4 miles out in the Moray Firth, headed for Scrabster. People talk about the pollution put out by marine traffic. I'm listening to it now. Still, hydrogen sooner rather than later, I think

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