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By ajt

Not soldered

Today's back blip is a close-up of the innards of a dead Nite Ize LED ClipLite. I've bent it a little to get it to pose but basically the clip at the back should be attached to the board (top surface/top of picture) and it isn't anymore. I thought I could solder it back in place - an easy repair, but I think it was actually glued in place with electrically conductive glue, rather than solder. You can see a blob of solder at the bottom, but this isn't attaching it to the board in the way I thought it was...

It's possible to repair I'm sure, but at about €13 for a 6 pack of lights and spare batteries, it's getting rather marginal... I hate throwing something away if it's possible to repair, it may not be economically sensible, but it's morally an environmentally responsible...

I only wanted to have a bright light on my mother-in-law's dog so we can see him in the dark. He likes to run about and it helps to locate him the the undergrowth when it's too dark for us to see him otherwise. It also makes him more visible to cars, though with modern car headlights that shouldn't be an issue, but it still is, and also for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Cat-Eye from a few days ago has now been repaired, it only needed a dab of solder.

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