On Some Days

By V1k1

Happy Families

The baptism has been completed without fuss.  Finn was perfect throughout and didn't fuss when the water was poured on his head.  His great Aunt Nancy read a prayer and his other grandma read from the book of Matthew.  Through Nancy there is a link to Finn's great grandma, my mother in law now deceased. The best man and  a bridesmaid from Finn's parents wedding were also there.  I like that sort of continuity in a person's life.  Afterwards we gathered in a nearby bar and the extra shows Finn nodding off after a cuddle with grandad the forester.  The bottle of whiskey looks good but I doubt I will be around to see it opened.  Hopefully Finn's Dad will tell story of him and I taking up whiskey drinking after reading the Rebus detective  novels by Ian Rankin.    

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