By isbi

Silly Saturday

I’m always intrigued by the the contortions birds get their wings into which I’ve only noticed since photographing them using burst mode.
Well I found out the same applies to cricket when we watched Elizabeth and Hugh play today. Please look at the extra for some rather bizarre convolutions.
They are both playing in the same team which is convenient.

It’s Henry’s first season and they play a very modified game. We didn’t see it but when I asked how he went he said “good, I got 11 wickets including a hat trick”!!! When we queried how come he admitted there were no batsmen. Apparently they just practise bowling at the stumps. They also do some batting off a tee with a 2 metre wicket so it’s not hard to score runs either. I hope it’s not too big a let down when he hits the big time.

Thanks davidc for keeping Silly Saturday going in memory of admirer and Carol Dunham for hosting this month.

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