Lost in Thought

By steveng

RWOP! (DS218 & SillySaturday)

Replacement of Worn Out Plant ... followers of my journal may recall the saga of replacing Gill's walking boots - now thankfully resolved. 

This was the reason for the search.  Gill's old boots have served her well for a number of years,  but the sole on one has failed, and judging by this photo the other one is not far behind it.  Sadly, they are of bonded construction (a posh phrase for glued together) and can't be re-soled, even through the uppers still have lots of life in them.

So they are derelict and just my opinion ... non-reparable is rather silly Saturday too!

Tagged for Derelict Sunday and the 200th Silly Saturday.
Thanks to our hosts: Marlieske & Carol Dunham

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