Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Cocoa Bean and Oskar...A Great Day

Earlier than we expected we had the good news of the new president elect (lsee my other journal)   Such a relief!   Yesterday we were very out of sorts so had decided we needed a puppy fix for entertainment…. so that is what we did today.   So fun to see how Cocoa Bean grows.  They are really enjoying her.  Had a good chat with Osk and his Dad and Mom who agreed totally with our idea of isolation and there will be no TG function or probably not the birthday either…too many people.   Nik was out playing GOLF! (well,   a social distanced game…)  It's OK...We can hang out in their yards a bit.  These trees are magnificent..(see extra)     Might have to see that other granddog tomorrow!  

 My good friend brought take out dinner for us ready to heat up !  and a neighbor brought celebratory cake!  We deserve to be happy and celebrate with Biden and Harris today…(2nd extra)  Next week we can start thinking about all the problems.  But he’s going to start with a SCIENCE based task force for Covid..imagine that.  NO words from that Moron yet..still nervous about what he might do until Jan 20 when he HAS to get out.  

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