Quirky Turkey

By Mobius

Productive Day?

...me excluded!

A close friend completed what he described as a temporary fix rehanging our gates with new fittings on his third visit today; we're extremely happy as is. Unlike me he's extremely practical & with a creative eye as applicable. A very fidly job given the very old subsiding gate posts, uneven drive and removal of our electric mechanics.

He wouldnt accept any recompense as usual, so I tentatively mentioned our son washing his car, when he mentioned calling in somewhere on the way home. Our son already had 4 cars booked in for cleaning including 2 of his mates, so I was especially impressed when he didnt hesitate when I asked him to do it, and starting mid way through his lunch given our friend's and his time constraints. It was a big bright orange jeep - so no small task. 

In my defence I did offer to assist with both tasks and did prepare a delicious tea. Having completed my "Living Well With Pain" programme I also took some time to complete 2 questionaires and write a well considered note in praise of the course & how it had benefitted me.

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