By FranG

Hobby space....

.....created :) We got the units from a big well known Swedish furniture store put together today and in place. This room ....which started life as a garage then became a bedroom in the late 90’s is now ( since there’s only N and I here with Kuala now ) our space to store and do our hobbies. In between it was an office space for about 12 years , a ‘ snug ‘ for 2 for H and R when they lived here and a rather untidy GP / sewing/ storage room since they moved out. The sofa bed has moved upstairs ( on Monday) and the room has bee re-arranged. Delighted with it I must admit. The extra is telescopes!
In other news.....obviously the American election results are such a relief! With an exuberant daughter in law and a very relieved sister the emotion on the social media interactions has been palpable this evening ! 
N and I spent 3 hours watching ‘ My Fair Lady’ with mum which after a few minutes mum remembered....all the music and songs. We left her much happier than we found her :)

And finally...thank you everyone for your empathy about QQ. He was a big personality so is a huge miss. Sadly KS isn’t doing too well either so we may not have her for much longer either :( 

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