What a roller coaster week this was ! But I feel we can all breathe now and have some hope that everything will get better not just in the USA but worldwide through much needed cooperation instead of the division and mudslinging of the past 4 years.

Thanks very much for all the great Abstract Thursday entries this past Thursday ! There were at least 5 if not more entries I wanted to show on each page of the entries ! This coming Thursday the optional theme will be 'shapes' and the tag will be AT281.

Here's the list of 5 specials from last Thursday:
chrisf                 simply architectural
RHelena            climate changes in both meanings
nangee              abstract corrosion
Didyounotice    psychedelic abstract
CBLinks            amber golden reflections

And thanks very much for the kind comments, stars  and even a heart for our safe of ducks yesterday  :-)

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