a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Owl Hoot at Chewton Place

This is Chewton Place seen across the river Chew.  Chewton Place dates back to the 18th Century but it is a local conference and wedding venue nowadays.  The stone built structure in front of the house is a folly called the "Owl Hoot" - I've no idea why.  On the left is the bridge and old mill, with its sluice gate. Up on the hill to the left behind those lovely autumnal trees is a relatively modern care home, which is a bit of a blot on the otherwise attractive landscape.  

A decent muddy walk this afternoon saw me get to Chewton Keynsham.  Although it was overcast in the main, the rain held off and it was still and mild.  But boy was it muddy on the popular paths that surround Keynsham.  I managed not to go any deeper than the boots - but it was close at times!  My boots are going to need a proper clean tomorrow :-)

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