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By HarlingDarling

Weirdly low-key Sunday

Weirdly sore back, weirdly rubbish, broken sleep due to over excitement on the bookbinding front, and horrible hurts in my little finger. What a peculiar thing this sort of rheumatism is, the joints of the littlest fingers and toes are especially susceptible to inflammation and resulting pain.  After 24 hours of weirdness it's subsiding. I have taken the painkiller option after 2 days of unexplained soreness in my back. I never have back ache (OK, once in my whole life, which is nonce really) so goodness knows what that's all about. Anyhow, it has all slowed me down today which explains why there is little to report.

However, the bags are packed, we have read the rules on face masks (to be worn all the time on the plane, and they have to be commercial ones. Keith says my home made ones are so professionally posh they will pass muster. We will see, I have something that is commercially produced in my bag anyhow). And we have a plan for some food before too long. Scrambled eggs and good levain bread, with beautiful home grown tomatoes (thanks to Claire) that Keith has fried gently in olive oil). It's a question of using up what's left over in the fridge before we are off for a week. In the spirit of using things up we are having a gin and tonic - the tonic was almost flat as it was opened a few days back....

It was frosty this morning, and very sunny so we got ourselves out and on our feet to enjoy the sun. Keith suggested a new place to walk where he's noticed it was in full sunshine, always a benefit in the darker part of the year. The views were poor, forest, unbroken forest at that. I was a little unimpressed, despite the sunshine on my face. I am told I'm fussy. It was good to be out and moving the body, I did some gentle stretching and hoped for the best for my back - this really came out of nowhere, so who knows what it's all about?

We listened to the church service on the radio, which is better than not doing anything churchy on a Sunday I suppose. I was gifted the Message devotional bible (thanks D!) and have been reading the New Testament readings all year, and pondering. I get a daily encouragement e-mail from another blipper (thanks CS) who is a pastor, and sometimes I contribute a thought, a picture of something I've seen that others might like or find interesting, or helpful. And yet church.... just isn't working... I miss being part of that kind of community, with a mix of ages and types and where there is challenge and encouragement - but seem to be unsuited to the places on offer. So I do my own thing... at least I know which way up to hold a bible and can name stuff if pushed - unlike that man in the US who will no longer be king soon, who pretends to be a lot of what he isn't. Talk about giving Christians a bad name!

It's Remembrance Sunday in the UK and "dominions", a day full of sorrows and gratitude, and a day to honour the hard work and the sacrifices others made so that we could live the lives dictators would take from us. The two major wars in the 20th century shaped much of my family's experiences, and in turn shaped my life. Hearing about the deaths, the bombs, the privations of life in the services, life at home, and rationing, lack of cloth for clothes, lack of choice, lack of jobs - has all made its impact on my approach to life, in particular making do and mending, hoarding retaining things that are useful  and having lots of everyday choices (since there were few as I was growing up).

I am saddened by the angry shouts for the removal of Churchill statues because he was a racist. Yes, he no doubt was, and he was not a friend of the lower classes either,  AND he was a lot of other things too, and did a lot of good. Not allowing, even very misguided people, to change their tune and develop other ideas is really stupid. Judging us by our worst mistakes, our nastiest selves is unhelpful too. It seems absolutely fair to be held to account for misdeeds and illegalities if we have been foolish enough to go down that route, but to then say we are worth nothing and should be eradicated seems to lack a sense of proportion, and history. As Hans Rosling points out in his very excellent book "Factfullness", you can say things are getting better and they are bad. At the same time. ( The US right now is an example of that, and there is one person who I feel needs to be held to account, along with a whole administration of enablers - and then I hope they change!)

So, on with the scrambled eggs on Levain toast, down with the G&Ts, get the blips published and head for the hills bed! Early start tomorrow, with far too much excitement ahead. Starting with masks worn in earnest for the very first time.


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