Finsthwaite Heights

Once Mr P has a plan, he's a man on a mission. Now he's found the Outlying Fells book and realised there's loads he's not done , it's going to be difficult to stop him. And unlike when he did the high fells while I had a broken hip,   I've got no excuse now for not accompanying him .
Today we wandered round what I call Haverthwaite Heights but Mr Wainwright called them Finsthwaite Heights.   It's very tree covered so knowing where the actual top is is a matter of judgement and luckily Mr P was quite happy with the viewpoint in extras where we stopped for a cup of tea. Main Blip is him marching through the trees which are looking delightful at this time of year. 

POSTSCRIPT- We were not on Finsthwaite Heights at all, we really were on Haverthwaite Heights and this hill is not in mr Wainwrights book,. 

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