By biddy

Lockdown Day 5. Wet evening. 5.15pm.

It never really became daylight properly but has been exceptionally mild for November.
This morning I counted 16 goldfinches in the rowan tree.
Busy morning, including doing the on-line shop order, which is coming tomorrow between 10 and 11 o’clock.
You can amend orders up to 11.00pm the day beforehand.
I’ve been sorting out one of the cupboards in the kitchen and getting rid of stuff which is past its sell buy date. Then I made cheese omelettes, wedges and salad for lunch, followed by a portion of the plum crumble I made yesterday. We’ve already finished the apple sponge pudding I made at the weekend. (I froze the other half).
I have to make sure Stephen regains his pre op strength once more!
He normally does the cooking so its novel having the kitchen to myself!
He went for a short walk once more before lunch and enjoyed it. Not too far yet as he gets tired.
I was able to pop out and pick up a 40th birthday card for my nephew who lives in London with his wife and two children. It’s on Saturday.
Another celebration deferred!
I didn’t think it was worth taking yet another photo of the soggy garden on this gloomy day. So at teatime as I remembered I needed to take one I happened to be drawing the blinds in the small “office” upstairs, (it used to be a bedroom) and went to get my iPhone.
The last of the staff were just leaving for home across the road at 5.15pm.
The headlights shining on the wet road.

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