Before and After - Stools

On the 28th October I blipped the old stools that Marlane purchased on Facebook Marketplace. What a state they were in, but bought for a pittance of £10. When I picked them up it looked like the chap was having a very big clear out.
Marlane started her magic on them, stripping, cleaning, spraying with woodworm treatment just in case, sugar soaping, lightly sanding.
She got some lovely blue velvet material and braid, padded out where they had sunk and did some repair to the underneath as one in particular was a bit more 'saggy'.
used the original covers as a template and made protective covers with some cotton material and then sewed the velvet top covers into a shape to fit the top and stapled them on. The braiding was then glued all the way around to cover the staples.
They look dark but it's the lighting in the kitchen, the material is dark blue and the wooden parts are painted in Frenchic Hornblower.
I think she could be a valuable member of the team that runs 'The Repair Shop'.  :-)

Update on the twins. They arrived safe and well in Cyprus with Julia. They have an RAF married quarter next door to a very good friend of Julia's, she's Godmother to one of the children. The girls have already started nursery and learning to count in English and Greek, not bad for 22 months!
They are loving the better weather and we are seeing them every day (it's only been three!) on Facebook Messenger. See Extra.

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