By ninniex

Meet Joey........

.........and his mum (in extras).  

They have been hanging around for most of the day. It was OK until they started munching the Driver's grass that he has been nurturing for a couple of years!
He/she seems to be saying "who? me? eating your green grass? "

I spent a hectic hour at school with miss E whose class is making Uthando dolls. I had a table with 6 kids who had to sew, yes, sew eyes, lips, hair, undies onto their dolls. Elsie and her partner Xavier, couldn't agree on much - it was a hoot! Talk about pressure - threading needles for the kids, sewing stuff and making 3 pairs of undies! Because they all needed undies ;-))
Elsie asked me if I was going to be still down next Thursday.......eek.

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