Seen and Seen Again .

I spotted this last week whilst on the bus going up the Kantstraße.. Today I walked down the Kantstraße from Savigny Platz. The weather was ideal so here's a blip for today. It reflects my point of view .
In as much as the tantrum like behaviour of a grown man , no matter what position he holds is a disgrace I find the  silence of many amazing . Such running wild  should cease  as should the vulgarity.  Brexit supporters are now chipping in ( no surprise there ) Silence is not always  polite.It's often cowardice .History shows us such . I'm not so much British as Mancunian where people are open  , no frills .Brexit didn't do well there and never has the Tory Party .If any have a different take then say so , whilst we still have a relatively free world. .Any constitution is precious yet can be destroyed .Germany knows since it happened here . 

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