By BentleyTBear

Lockdown for eternity?

After another night of continuous rain, the weather this morning was much better than forecast, so we braved the clouds and went for a walk around Wantage, avoiding the major ponding on roads and pavements.

We have seen these padlocks on the railing around Betjeman Park before.  We don't have any suitable bridges in Wantage, but we understand the idea: "a couple crosses a bridge and puts a padlock on a railing. The lock represents their love, and it will stay there for all of eternity. They then dramatically hurl the keys to the lock into the body of water under the bridge."

However this new lock was a surprise!  A lock for lockdown?  For all eternity?

It is my understanding that the original installation, on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, was to highlight that up to one in 10 married woman in France were subject to domestic abuse, and when we were there one in 10 of the padlocks was secured to a black heart.  This is a detail that as been overlooked in the recent worldwide craze.  But 'Lockdown 2020' almost gets back to the original intent.

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