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By HarlingDarling

An airport day, lots of blokes

Well, it began at Kjell's house with breakfast and another roaring fire, watching raindrops on the windows. A better night but still a soggy one to begin with at least - I think we are cracking the code now though, another few days and we'd be home and dry! However, after breakfast we left for the airport, so we won't be able to do any more experimenting, and Kjell will get his bedroom back - and the cat will relax!

At Kalmar airport we bumped into our friend Dave and his family, waving off their traveller who was taking the same plane as us. Well, there is only one... Kalmar is a little regional airport after all. I love these tiny places, with just one runway, everything is simple and straightforward and it feels quite excitingly basic. You can imagine yourself to be a pioneering voyager, instead of a bog-standard commuter. Lots of hand sanitiser and masks in use, and lots of distance. 

At Arlanda on a Sunday there's still plenty of space in most of the terminal, and hand sanitiser at many points - but masks are not worn by all, and many have a "Sloppy Joe" approach, leaving their noses out of the equation. How daft. I'm not at all convinced these masks that get fiddled with and removed, and reused without washing, and touched are doing much good at all. But since we are required to wear one in the terminal and on the plane I am doing, and doing it properly. I feel like a very good girl indeed, doing as I'm told even though it makes little sense to me.

The photo for today shows Keith eating a Max hamburger for his tea, I had a halloumi one - I have even written an ode to halloumi here on blip in the past! There were plenty of hungry travellers, the queues were distanced and orderly, but the mask parlava? Well, we can just say compliance varied. We scoffed our nosh and skedaddled pronto! Back to the quieter regions, where there are plugs for your devices, comfortable seats to lounge in, and where blipping becomes possible in the calm.

I am so pleased we made this trip to see Kjell, to explore Öland some more, to refresh our eyes with new sights and our brains with new visions. As we return home I feel sure we are heading into a reclusive phase as the botheration is spreading (although it is not spreading much in our area), and we are being encouraged to tighten up our responses. A holiday pleasure trip across more than half the country simply isn't essential travel.... This break has taught me how important a plan is to my wellbeing, it was really uplifting to know we had a trip planned, even if we knew it might get called off at the last minute. I will have to make another plan, but for what?

In a week or so we are booked onto a "forest walk" with our therapist friend Lasse, three hours of communing with nature under his direction, it will be a new experience and the reactions of the people who have taken part so far have been extremely positive. A new string to his bow, which already has many strings - people are having to be inventive and use great ingenuity to make it through these times of restrictions and shut downs. I am always grateful that I no longer have to work for a living, but can rely on my pension to cover my expenses. It is such a privilege, and at this moment in time I am more grateful for it than ever.

All being well, the airport day will end at around 7 when we land in Sundsvall, collect the car and drive home via the shop to buy milk. Home by 8.30 or so, depending on whether the long, heavy lorries full of wind turbine parts are blocking the main road or not... It will be good to be home I think, and good to know we can stay there in comfort and ease for weeks on end if we have to. Hope you will stay safe, dear Blip friends.

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