By Veronica

Fruit juice

For the second year running, the village social club rounded up volunteers a couple of weeks ago, to gather the olives from isolated trees dotted around the village, in people's gardens, and on the edge of vineyards, whose fruit would normally go to waste. Between them they gathered over 200 kilos which were then taken to a local mill for pressing, producing about 30 litres of oil. They bottled it in recycled wine bottles, and sold the lot for ten euros a bottle within half an hour on Saturday morning, the proceeds going to the local school.

We weren't here last November (sigh ...), so this is the first time we've tried it. As you can see, it contains plenty of solids, and when S tried a teaspoonful he spluttered at the pepperiness. Not necessarily the highest quality, but fresh and local! We won't be frying with it, we had our first dose on pan con tomate.

It was a sunny if cold day today, but I had no enthusiasm for yet another samey walk and more vine photos, so I stayed at home reading and working on my 2021 calendar. I certainly won't be restricting myself to photos taken in the last year ... I've decided I need some wide open spaces in my calendar this year.

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