By JohnW

Comfort food . . .

After changing our Norwegian Cruise booking last Friday today has proved to be a bit of a nightmare.  I changed the hotel and booked the car parking on Friday - today I cancelled the lot!!  Why??   Because we cannot currently get cruise Insurance as the FCO advice to us wrinklies is “DO NOT TRAVEL ON CRUISE SHIPS!”.
We are currently in negotiations with Fred Olsen over the deposit.
THEN the Sainsburys delivery turns up with no frozen or chilled stuff.  The chiller in the van had broken down so it was not loaded - we were supposed to have received a phone call, but didn’t.  Then to top that our bottle of ‘Famous Grouse’ had “burst”, all over the rest of our shopping, it was in the top tray!! 
Apart from the alcohol abuse, we are now potentially without milk for a week - well fortnight as far as Sainsburys are concerned.  Emergency milk to the fore (out of the freezer) and alternate supplies to arrange tomorrow.
The blip was home-made chicken-and-anything-else-I-could-find-including-the-remainder-of-the-wine soup.  Real comfort food, even if the cream did not all blend in.  The solid bits are floating about, it should have gone in the blender with the rest of the soup.  Chicken and chips tonight, and that’s the Sunday roast all used up.  Bubble Shooter also gave some extra comfort.
This leaves me well behind with commenting, will catch up shortly.

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